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About AGT Group: AGT Group is an umbrella of the following privately owned companies operating in East and Central Africa:

AGT Laboratories

AGT Foods

AGT Real Estate

AGT Laboratories : is a subsidiary of AGT Group and is the first private company in Uganda to use biotechnology thru tissue culture techniques for micro propagation of different crops on a commrecial basis

AGT Laboratories is currently the biggest tissue culture laboratory in East and Central Africa with the capacity to produce up-to 10 million plantlets per year (depending on the type of crop) Read More

AGT Foods : is a subsidiary of AGT Group that deals in food packaging of fresh, processed and dry foods of different types for local and international markets.

AGT Foods is the pioneer of selling packed & vacuum packed matooke (Green Cooking Banana) -- in kilograms- in East African supermarkets. Read More

AGT Real Estates is a subsidiary of AGT Group that deals in real estate development, which includes selling and buying of land & houses, as well as construction of residential houses in East Africa Read More

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